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As a Homeowner, did you know???

As a homeowner, there are many things you SHOULD KNOW that no one really ever teaches you. Whether you reside in your home, rent the home OR are perhaps considering placing it on the market for sale, here are some tips for you:

* Did you know that your home should be inspected at least every 10 years? Why? Even if you are residing in the home, things are aging and may be causing issues. Having an inspection could perhaps diminish major repair costs by finding a problem early. There could be pests eating away at your home! Some of the duct work could be loose or destroyed underneath your home! Perhaps the home has shifted and you now have an issue that requires additional support beams. OR there could even be a small carbon monoxide leak… Urgent and really important information can be determined through a home inspection!

* Did you know that you can view your home as others see it PRIOR to listing it for sale or rent? Take your camera or cell phone to the street and take a photo. Walk to the front door, take a photo. Enter the home, take a photo of what is immediately in front of you. As you enter each room, take a photo of what you see. You will be AMAZED!!! You are so accustomed to your own clutter that you do not see it as others do, the cobwebs, the dingy front door, the shutters that have come loose… Make that to do list now!

* Did you know that you should purchase an investment home for each of your children? It’s true. Home ownership is most always a good investment. By purchasing an investment home at the birth of each child and doing a 15 year loan, you will be financially ready for their college years. You have an investment that is paid for mostly by the tenants residing in it. You can now sell it or refinance it for funds for the college or give the home to the child as a wedding present (what a novel idea)! Anyway you look at it, it is a win!

At Gates Management & Realty, we’ve been managing and selling properties since 1994. We can help you with that inspection, improvement ideas for the market and/or starting and growing an investment portfolio. Ask us about it…Vickie McDaniel